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Indelible Ink:

This product is manufactured as per bureau of Indian Standards specification (IS 13209/91) for easy application in elections. Our ink is widely used in India for Panchayat and Municipal Elections.

Technical Specifications of Indelible Ink:

Standard Laboratories Indelible Ink is as per the Bureau of Indian Standards specifications No. Is-13209/1991.The Indelible Ink is uniform in appearance without any particles or sediments and will not coagulate or decompose.

Color :

The Indelible Ink is tinted violet in color.

Photosensitive :

The Indelible Ink is photosensitive and on exposure to light the mark on the finger/ neck will turn black or brown in color.

Duration of ink stay :

The Indelible Ink mark will stay on the finger/neck at least 3-7 days from the date of its application depending upon the percentage photosensitive chemical.

Acidity (pH) :

The Indelible Ink will have the pH between 1 and 3 (In general it will be less than 2) Photosensitive chemical % (Total solids) : Total photosensitive content in the Indelible Ink is not less than 10% and up to 25% depending upon customers requirement.

Drying time :

After applying the Indelible Ink on voter's finger/neck, it will dry within 40 seconds.

Performance test:

Resistance to Rectified spirit, Trichloroethylene, Petroleum hydrocarbon. Resistance to bleaching like Soap, Detergents etc.,

The Indelible Ink mark cannot be removed easily by wiping or cleaning with water, soap, detergents or solvents. It is clearly visible to the naked eye. It is not harmful to human health, skin, nose or eyes.

Storage Instructions :

The Indelible ink is suitable for storing at least for 6 months from the date of manufacturing and withstands cool or hot conditions and the packing material will keep their characteristics prevailing at the time of delivery.

It is desirable to store the material preferable in cool and dark place away from heat and fire.

Packing :

The packing specifications are as per Indian Institute of packing under DANGEROUS GOODS REGULATIONS (Indelible Ink will come under Dangerous Goods, which requires special packing as per the Indian Institute of Packing for Air or Sea shipment.)

The Indelible ink is packed in a light proof blue colored plastic bottles (opaque in nature) with sufficient thickness, having a dropper type inner for marking and the maximum capacity of the bottle will be 30 ml, to fill 20/25 ml Indelible Ink comfortably in it with a air gap to withstand the vapor pressure developed if any.

Each Indelible Ink bottle will have a sticker containing the following information :
Product name as : Indelible Ink
Net weight as : 60/25/20/5 ml
Manufactured month as : Jan, 2005
Manufacturer name : Standard Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad.

Packed in an individual single colored printed duplex carton with the following printed information on the carton, along with the user's manual in the individual carton. The Indelible Ink manufactured by us is not harmful to human health, nose, eyes and skin.

Production Capacity :

Our regular production capacity per shift of 8 hours is 25,000 to 40,000 bottles.

Order :

15 to 30 days in advance either through fax or by email :

  Dt. 25/04/2012
The Indelible Ink is photosensitive
  Dt. 25/04/2012
The Indelible Ink is photosensitive
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